About Us

Combat Enterprises is an airsoft scenario game production company.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California, Combat Enterprises LLC was incorporated in April of 2001 by wargaming enthusiast Dave "D-Day" Dollarhide.

Dave's passion for producing live wargaming spans over two decades. Being an avid gamer, gun enthusiast, and paintball player, airsoft was the perfect venue to bring his talents together.

All of this experience plus an unprecedented dedication to the hobby has resulted in a venue of airsoft scenario wargaming like none other.

World renowned as a pioneer in theatrical scenario productions, Combat Enterprises has produced such fine events such as The Nam, Operation: Crimson Dunes, and the Operation: Lockdown series.

Bringing you over a decade of wargaming and theatrical airsoft production experience, Combat Enterprises is committed to airsoft enthusiasts everywhere by staying true to the game. Our events immerse you into a unparalleled world of theatrical wargaming.

Combat Enterprises is supported by our home team, the Airsoft Centurions.

The Airsoft Centurions! These airsoft enthusiasts have decades of experience and are great people with a passion for the hobby.

The Centurions assist with the production of our events to help make for well organized games and fun times for all.

Combat Enterprises' corporate mission is to produce only the finest airsoft scenario events for our players to enjoy and to help this exciting hobby flourish.